Social networks - addicted much?

socialnetworking-small.gifYou COULD go make some coffee, take a shower, or throw in a load of laundry. Orrrrr you could set up an account with Friendster that'll surely provide you the "in" you've been seeking, for reconnecting with that college roommate you've remembered fondly but lost all contact with. It's a reasonable urge, really - particularly for someone who's been putting her stuff out there for the world to see, for years and years. And this is how it's done this millenium, right?

Of course, that's what got me started with facebook which was completly reasonable, too, since scads of my friends are on there. (Okay, 12. Plus the few who signed up to be nice to me but will never, ever go there again.) And it really is the perfect way to stay in touch with pals across the country you never quite make enough time to stay connected with, but really mean to.

And although I cringed when I did it (because I'm neither in college nor high school, and I don't play in a band,) I had to set up that quiet little MySpace account, too, to send that one little thank you message.

Never mind I'm gonna' use Squidoo lenses to promote my jewelry and a while back there was Zaadz-now-Gaia where I could help change the world through deep, meaningful connections involving matters of spirituality and philisophical importance, and I meant to make that one work, too, only some days I'm just feeling cranky and shallow and am trying to figure out a way to participate without it feeling like quite so much pressure.

You'll also be interested to know that one of The Seattle Pals just raaaaaaaaves about BizNik, and although I don't see evidence that it's taken off too solidly in these parts, there's certainly LinkedIn which I'm told should be the perfect place for me to promote myself professionally. Which sounds like a great idea. Just as soon as I narrow things down enough to figure out just what it is, in fact, I'd like to promote professionally on a business networking site.  Schizophrenic, made up careers being what they are, and all...

Fascinating, really. But I don't have another minute to think about it right now. It's past time for that shower I mentioned earlier. Time to leave CyberVille and plant my feet on actual soil where I'll be spending in-person time with people today, rather than "poking" them...and inviting ones you've loved since you were be your friend.