Fires, intruders & surprise web search results. And it's only Tuesday!

We haven't even reached the middle of what's turning out to be Quite A Week, yet I find myself sitting at my laptop at home, peeking in at my site. At My Site Where I Haven't Written In My Blog Since Sunday. Leetle pressure. Don't like pressure. Want to write. Just haven't been feeling it. Been feeling like giving myself a little break tonight, see. But seeing the blog with its outdated post tells me it's time to figure something out. Something BlogWorthy.

Of course I could tell you about how the electricity on our campus was knocked out yesterday afternoon at a critical time in my workflow, and how, not long after that, a little fire broke out in my building and so we had to get outside quick where the wind whipped us around until we eventually learned what had happened, and that we were free to return to work but remember how there was no electricity? Well, it was back on only in a limited manner which didn't matter so much since Colleague/Friend and I were headed on over to another campus for a meeting anyway. (During which time our campus was closed, thank you very much.)

Or maybe instead I could tell you about how a friend of a neighborhood teen whom you might find yourself wanting to place under the "Running Amok" heading ACCIDENTALLY Wandered Into The Home Where I Live At Three O'Clock In The Morning and the chaos that ensued and followed kept me from getting the amount of sleep I was so keen to have. (Hi Mom and Dad. Yes, everything's fine.)

But no, that wouldn't be the reason I sat down to write this entry. What I wanted to tell you, instead, is that the Etsy store I started setting up this weekend? The One I Didn't Get So Very Far Along In Actually Setting Up? Um, it's already sent some traffic to my site. From Google. Not kidding. Somebody Googled my name and the Etsy Store comes up second.

No pressure there. Thing is, I wasn't 100% sure I was gonna' have the energy to work on that store tonight, after the long and very busy (not at all unpleasant, mind you,) day I've just had. It seemed perhaps like I'd like to just chill tonight. Maybe tweeze my eyebrows. Or perhaps handwash a top I've been wanting to wear for a long time that I keep forgetting about. But aside from that? Nah. Wasn't so keen to worry about writing descriptions of my necklaces. Which regular readers will well know is something I very much need to kick myself into gear to do way more than I's been a huge failure of this very site,, and I guess I've started off on the wrong foot at Etsy, too. And it didn't really matter so much, either, since I hadn't yet given out the link to this store yet. No need to be all secretive now, though, since The Internet just told people. I might as well tell my friends and site visitors! So yea. I set up a store but it's not really very good yet.

If I take this newfound discovery seriously, we might just chalk it up to a bigold kick in the pants. I'll let you know how the evening progresses. Hm. I can always describe some earrings instead...!