Etsy & a funky bag for your laptop

janinekingscreenshot.jpgSure you've heard of eBay, but how about Etsy? It's "Your place to buy & sell all things handmade" which makes you wonder why it's taken me so long to mention this website on my blog, right? I've known about Etsy for a long time but never set up an account until today.  Not sure when I'll announce the opening of my actual store, but maybe even adding a few things there to get me started wouldn't be a bad idea? Again: not sure. Thing is - online promotion is time-intensive and in spite of the fun? It's also work. A lot of work. Go figure.

Meanwhile, I've stumbled across this little gem of a shoulder bag. Carrying my laptop around sometimes, I use a functional, ordinary Kenneth Cole Reaction laptop bag. OrdInAry... Which leaves me longing for a bag that has personality. Check it out!  

From the Etsy profile I learned a bit about the designer, Janine King, and her bags:

Janine King is an established designer of fine quality, fun and unique fabric handbags. Working from their expanded carriage house studio in upstate New York, Janine and husband Donald run a premier Made in the USA cottage company.

Later on I'll tell you more about my Etsy discoveries. What I've found that I like (to buy) on the site. Why I think this site is the way to go - for buyers as well as sellers of handcrafted items. For now, take a spin around and see what you think! 

(I'll also let you know if I decide to spring for one of these bags, or if, instead, I try to con one of my many creative pals - or Mom  - into making one for me instead!)