Although I kinda' didn't want to go...

I went to a Valentine's Day Party tonight. Like, a real one. With heart-shaped pans o' brownies and cakes topped with pink icing and feathered hearts sitting around the living room. And people wished each other happy Valentine's Day And stuff. The last one I actually remember going to was in the 4th grade and I threw up right at the beginning of the actual party and had to go home and miss the good parts. Sure, I've probably been to others over the years, but have to admit I don't remember any other actual bona fide parties given just for this holiday. Until now.

My favorite part?  Besides seeing the hostess who is GLOrious and, well, the best hostess of ever? She made us play a game. (Yes, really. It wasn't actually optional, but she made it mandatory in a way that you didn't actually feel forced or coerced. Barely at all, really.) Want to know what game we played? Try this: combine Truth or Dare with Spin the Bottle. Remember high school? Yea, now fast forward 15-20 years or so and you've got a room filled with laughing thirty-somethings (some less, some more,) sitting in a big circle, spinning a tennis ball can onto which questions have been written on strips of paper and placed inside:

  • Who's the first TV crush you ever had?
  • Tell us about the first time you broke somebody's heart.
  • Are you in love? How do you know?
  • Tell us about the first time you told somebody you loved them.
  • How did you first learn about the birds and the bees?
  • Whisper sweet nothings into the ear of the person sitting to your right.
  • And so on and so forth, about 20 times...

It's really quite excellent to sit in a room filled with people who don't take themselves too seriously. It makes for a lot of laughter. Do you try that much...not taking yourself too seriously? I highly recommend it.

That and homemade hot chocolate...