A Photographic Love Story

These are the kinds of sappy stories I get a kick out of.  When my mood is open to the sappy side, that is... Typical? Nope. Likely to happen to me or anyone I know? Doubtful. (Although you never know, right?) Cool anyway? You betcha. 

Seems this Scottish photographer dude was traveling in Japan, took a photo of a woman he found attractive, and included the shot in his Flickr uploads. Having tagged the image "Harajuku," where he'd taken the shot, his gallery was later perused by someone who found it by following a link to shots tagged "Harajuku" and who happened to recognize the mystery girl's tattoo...she was his friend! You know where this is going, right? Read the story over here at Wired, and "Turn Your Flickr Crush Into Real Romance" if you're so inclined.

Although I love photography and am a sap for a love story like this, I don't shoot photos that prolifically, nor - alas - do I have a Flickr Crush. But maybe you do...so here's a Happy Valentine's Day treat for you. 'Cause I hear some people? Yea, they're celebrating luv today.