Yummy guitar music, a good work groove, flat tires & lots of toddler laughs

How it turned into afternoon is beyond me, but the tunes are great, there's the sound of a delicious wind outside the window, and the work is moving along nicely so you'll hear no complaints from me. Okay, maybe a little complaint - I want this day to just stretch on and on - which is never gonna' happen.

It's been a great weekend. After the perfection of Friday night, yesterday had some perks too. First I proved to myself that I do, indeed, remember how to change a tire. (Thanks Daddy! You were right: that was one seriously handy skill you taught me back then.) Only this time was more fun because a) I was under the gun and it was highly satisfactory to work that efficiently, (sis took me back to where I'd left my car on Friday night, and 105053-1331885-thumbnail.jpgshe had somewhere to be in x minutes - it only took me 3 minutes longer to change that tire than the allotted time, and b) Mr. Pie did his best to help, which would have been great to catch on video. Alas...

Then I took care of him for a few hours and he was Very Mr. Pie. Which is to say perfect in every way. Especially when we danced together - he's my favorite dance partner ever, so far.

Skipping the play-by-play, I'll tell you that this morning I've spent some time cropping photos that should have been added to my jewelry galleries long ago. The rhythm of my work is perfect, particularly because it's driven by a personal soundtrack largely featuring guitar music. Including the likes of Marc Broussard and Ian Moore and  Bonnie Raitt with Norah Jones and this glorious rendition of Sweet Home Chicago performed at Crossroads '07 by Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray, John Mayer, Jimmie Vaughan, Hubert Sumlin, & Johnny Winter.

And now, with feelings of wistfulness that I, myself, could play the guitar, but feeling mighty appreciative of the Internet, I'll leave you and return to my work. Hope your weekend is just as stellar!