Web surfing yields more solid site redesign ideas

After that rash of willy-nilly website facelifts I gave melodywatson.com a few weeks back, I've been meaning to try a new website design that's been swirling around in my head for months. Finally, today was the day. Yeah - you wake up and say "Today I'll buy new shoes!" or "Perhaps I should have lunch with Molly!" I, on the other hand, have these overwhelming urges to overhaul my website's design. This Very Day Or Else.

So that's that. I'm still getting comfortable with the textures I've used in the background header area, and that may change, but generally I'm happy with it. And I'm very, very excited about the banner photography of those clusters of necklaces. That part was semi-inspired by some recent web surfing I did earlier this week...as is often the case. Of course the sites that inspired that shot were nothing like my own - they weren't even related to art. But you know how something can inspire something else, completely unrelated. Right...?

Never mind I have a to-do list that's only partway where I needed it to be by now - I'm thrilled with today's work. On the site design and otherwise. Not that I'm done yet, but I thought I'd pause and acknowledge all these changes.

Happy Friday Evening!