Personal entertainment vs. boredom

105053-1257437-thumbnail.jpgThe question of the day is this: if you can't entertain yourself by revising your website in ludicrous ways, how can you entertain yourself?

Today I declare that we shall take ourselves slightly less seriously. At least until I get utterly sick of this new background, that is. 

It's true, I have a history of revising my website design without much notice. Some days I just wake up and realize I'm exhausted by the look of it, and must make a change before fourteen minutes pass. That happened a couple weeks ago - I'd grown tired by the simplicity of the white background that had so satisfied me for months and months, and gave myself this red background. Which I never have mentioned in my blog because I knew it wouldn't last (I still love the texture and the color of that red's just not particularly interesting, now is it?) although I did get an email from a concerned friend who said, "Um, that's kinda' dark isn't it?" And she was right but whatever...some days we feel a little dark.

And today? We feel a! So I'm playing around with red circles and as soon as I finish writing this post I'm going to click the button that will make this funky background my site's background. I'm not bored, exactly. I'm just looking for some fun and some change.

Soon, hopefully, I'll sit down with some real purpose and think through a design scheme that will be worthy of keeping for longer than a week. But for now? Now we're gonna' have some fun...