Making peace with my inner narcissist

So last night I was driving home from the office when I realized how close I was cutting it. The Roy's Folks piece was being re-aired at 5:55 and traffic was not accommodating my wishes. The closer I got, and the faster the numbers ticked on my clock, the more annoyed I became. Which makes no sense at all.

It's not like I haven't seen the piece before. It's not like you can't click right on over here to this page and see the interview online. It's not like I haven't done that myself on more than one occasion during the past year.  

Never mind that. I wanted to see it again...on the "big screen." Which is to say, not on a computer monitor. 

But it was clear that I might actually miss it so I called a friend to ask her to watch the piece so I could at least know what they said about how people could learn more about my jewelry. (Which is, after all, the point of the whole piece!) Last time they told people about where they could go to buy my jewelry. Some things have changed on that front, and so this time it sounded more likely they would just mention my website. But I wasn't sure what they'd say, so I wanted someone to tell me!

This is where the narcissist showed her face. First friend I called wasn't home. Hmph. You're not waiting by the TV to see it? (Not a techhie, I suspect she's never seen the one online, either.) Alas... Second friend was walking out the door to go have dinner. Sorry. Nope, not a priority there, either. Well now! Third friend...score! YOU'RE GOING TO BE ON TV???? THAT'S SO GREAT!!!!!!

I got home for the second half and Third Time's A Charm Friend called afterward to check in. "I taped it for you just in case you don't have a copy."

Oh yea... that's what my inner narcissist likes to hear.

And today? I'm back in the office, about to crank up yesterday's project that has not one thing to do with jewelry designs, and get back to "real life." But it was fun seeing that TV piece last night... You gotta' give a girl that. Don't ya?