Surfing, shooting & sorting - apparently in no particular order

These are some of the things I promised myself I would do today:

New Year's (not resolution) Suggestion #36: Give more serious thought to this focus business
  • take more photos of my jewelry designs for posting on this site, (which will require lots of warm layers, since it's fu-reeeeeezing outside and I'm shooting them on the deck as I did the ones last week, seeing as how the first photo shoot of the year, also staged there, turned out so well,)
because my Roy's Folks TV interview from last January is going to be reaired on Monday and it occurred to me that having an accurate online sampling of my available work Would Not Be A Bad Idea At All,
  • finish creating a few pairs of earrings I began more than 2 weeks ago,
  • take pictures of them too (you're gonna' love 'em...really)
  • write a blog post,
  • redesign a couple areas of this website,
  • along with committing some solid design time to another site I'm working on,
  • write email responses to friends I've neglected for too long,
  • and a card I should have sent months ago,
  • not too mention some laundry, and organizing, and random other thrilling grooming tasks like eyebrow shaping...

Here are the things I've actually accomplished in the just-over-two-hours since I got up:

  • made coffee,
  • written one page in my journal,
  • switched to my laptop in case anything of value was written that I might use in a future blog post,
  • went online,
  • read some emails and thought about my responses...which have yet to be written,
  • checked on 3 quick important things online that I neded to check on,
  • started hopping from site to site, following this link and that link and pretty soon had covered some pretty random terrain for a Saturday morning. Which started with my wondering what I might find on the blog of Sue Polinsky, Local Blogger Extraordinaire, who is much, much better than me at following Blogging Rule Number Something-or-other "Thou shalt keep it short and sweet when at all possible," where one can always find a nice variety of topics about which to read, and from where I jumped off to peek in at the Converge South site, which led to my curiosity about the photos taken at Converge South '07, which alert readers will know I had to miss at the last minute and which I fiercely want to attend this time around, followed by a Net Ssurfing Extravaganza too complicated to recreate now, but which led me wondering how long it might have gone on had I not caught myself in the act.

Aah, Saturday mornings. Sometimes you've just gotta' let yourself relax. And this is how dorks relax, I suppose...

Better look at that list again, huh?