Dark chocolate, chiles & nibs?

dagoba-sm.jpgThat's right - my chocolate bar has chiles in it. My Dark Chocolate Bar, to be specific. My Dagoba Organic Chocolate bar. Yum. It's intense. It's rich. It's spicy. It's got texture. It's really, really good.

It's been months since a friend shared her chocolate bar with chiles that another friend had brought back from  somewhere else (I'm not, turns out, qualified to tell this story - the only detail I recall that a friend was gifted with a yummy candy bar and she shared it with me,) which was the first time I even imagined you might put chiles in a candy bar. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago. Sis asks me if I've ever tried such a treat. Turns out sis has discovered this decadence on her own. And liked it so much that she's gone about town looking around for the various brands so she can compare.

At The Fresh Market last night I recalled all this excitement surrounding the exotic pairing of dark chocolate with chiles, and peeked around to see what I might find. It took me a while as the only one I found at first included cherries (which might be grand, indeed, but I wasn't in the mood just then,) but finally I discovered this little hidden pleasure.

And I'm eating some of it right now. And liking it. A lot.

Although I have to tell you? Bites of one of my sister's other bars? Yea...I liked them better. Gotta' find out who made those bars. Although you might like this one - I'll probably have it again, too. It's sure better than most chocolate you'll find on most candy aisles. Much better.