Not altogether spectacular, but not so bad either...

Hi Internet! How's stuff on your end? After reading a couple of "Are you having that much fun or should I be worried you're ignoring your blog again?" emails, it occurred to me that while I have this lunch, I could write a line or six about my day. Just to keep the momentum rolling. Today's post won't end up on any Top Ten lists or anything, so you can go back to what you were doing if you haven't the time for minutia.

It's a work-at-the-office day which means I've jumped from Pressing Project to Pressing Project with three or four breaths in between. Projects like:

  • helping with the details on an event that's now 2 weeks away with miles to go before we sleep,
  • furthering the cause of getting those students I roped into helping me yesterday to model for a photo shoot that I have now finagled a student photographer to handle for me, and am feeling great confidence that it will actually happen - one day soon...once we work out everybody's availability and all,
  • designing a banner for an event's mini website, using graphics that were already developed for use in the print stuff,
  • inter-office mailing a honkin' pile of tee shirts (the first I've ever designed and which I find to be quite pleasing,) to the appropriate parties with the appropriate sizes and attractive, appreciative notes tucked inside,
  • consuming more coffee than was absolutely necessary,
  • realizing I was hungry but not at all in the mood for the soup I was planning to eat, and wondered if they'd serve me something in the cafeteria even though by the time I had that thought it was 1:34 and I'm told they close at 1:30,
  • successfully acquiring a huge plate of food type products I refuse to tell you about because I Totally Should Not Be Eating This Stuff and if I don't tell you I might be able to get by with pretending I had the healthy soup.

There's more, of course, but if I stop writing now, I can finish eating and respond to a couple more emails before getting back to the work that will no doubt thrill and delight me this very afternoon.

Hope your day is every bit as agreeable - if not just plain good!