Kickin' a little butt...takin' a couple of names

Actually it's merely my own butt that's getting kicked, and most decidedly my own name that's getting taken tonight. I've utterly blown off an enormous pile of projects in the past week or so, and haven't even had the chagrin to make an attempt to keep up with my obligations. Never mind that, today was enormously satisfying on the productivity front.

After having gotten up to an unwelcome alarm clock somewhere between 5:30 and 5:40am (couldn't resist a smidge of snoozery,) I made it to the office in plenty of time, this morning, to check email and handle a couple of things I wanted to do before work. Then I had a magnificently creative day during which I finished designing a newsletter that makes me unspeakably proud. (Not that I'm not trying to speak it, let me tell you, what with my walking up to colleagues, handing them a draft, and declaring, not unlike a 7 year old, "Look!!!"

Never mind that. It was a good day. Took me an hour or two to really feel back in the groove, but it kicked in eventually. After which time I left the office and have been hard at work, lo these last few hours, checking off sorely neglected task after sorely neglected task. All in all, I'm tired but happy and satisfied. And it's not even 9o'clock!

Sis called a few minutes ago. Friendly but brusque, I told her I could chat for a second but sadly I'd have to cut her short soon...sort of like my response when she called earlier today. "Did you," she asked, "just get an Adderall prescription filled, or something?" Understandable why she was so surprised, with my vacation attitude that she's gotten used to. Adderall in weeks. But a severe resolve to catch up on all that's been neglected, and the promise of new, exciting, rewarding projects looming.

Not a bad way to start the year. Not a bad way at all...