It always comes back to the basics, doesn't it?

buttpaste.jpgThis weekend made way for a variety of activities and projects. I shot pool, heard some great live music, napped, read, wrote really, reeeeally deep, introspective stuff I wouldn't think of making available for public consumption, watched City of God, a beautifully done movie that broke my heart and filled me with despair - and made me feel way more grateful than I do most days, to live the life I lead. There was also laundry, some good chats, good food, some phone calls...even played a few mindless games online when everything else was overwhelming. I read, too.

And finally: I hung out with Mr. Pie. With all the jumble of stuff running through my head - the residuals of all those varied activities - there was something very, very good in watching this little person play with his toys, learn his new words, laugh his laughs, dance his little dances. Then at the end of it all, this one sentence, uttered by my sister, overshadowed all that other activity and simplified things for me in just the way I needed: "If you ever decide to blog about diaper rash cream, there is nothing in the world that beats Boudreaux's Butt Paste."