When I don't love you but you're okay...

Back at work today, completely normal - as normal as possible - back to myself, I'm taking a little lunch break and thought I'd tool around the 'net. Outside my usual route of the blogs and sites I regularly visit, I thought of Mighty Goods and wondered what fun things she's found for us to peruse.

Having forgotten that Valentine's Day was on its way...

For you, I present the "You're okay" card:

Multipurpose love notes that allow you to choose from the following options:

-I have a crush on you
-I like you
-I think I love you
-I love you
-You’re okay

How excellent! I don't love you, I don't even think I do. In fact, I don't actually like you, and I'm quite certain I'm not ready to tell you I have a crush on you, even. But you're on my mind and I've got enough free time on my hands that I thought I'd send you a card to tell you... you're okay.

Oh yea...