Virus or food poisoning?

When you wake up at 2:30 all icky and thinking you're going to throw up - eventually hoping you do, even, to make whatever's going on in your tummy stop right now - if you're like me, you're completely surprised. Whassup with this?

Stranger still: I never did throw up and although the intensity of that feeling that kept me on the bathroom floor hoping for ages, and awake until nearly 4am - at least it abated some.

Now my arms are all trembly and it was hard to pick up my laptop. But I pressed on: that's how much of a dork and blog addict I am. Or something like that.

So: no kisses for any of you today. I'm thinking virus 'cause my only experience with food poisoning definitely involved more, er, actively sickly unpleasantness. And that's all I'm going to say about that. Maybe sleep is in order now. Got to catch up on what I missed in the night.