Far from Blue Monday - not just about the birthday

105053-1282172-thumbnail.jpgAs you may recall, "Blue Monday" got called off this year. (I know, because I'm the one who called it off in December.) Peeking over at my traffic stats this morning, I discovered that fortunately for all of us, The Whole Internet knows, too, because (as of today,) somebody's search of "blue monday depressed 2008" brought my declaration of such up as the 5th of 1,790,000 results. As seen in the graphic I've handily doctored for your convenience.

So besides the reminder that we're NOT celebrating the supposedly depressing qualities of today, here are other things that make me smile today:

  • Having stayed up for no apparent reason last night until nearly 2, I slept in today. Finally. Love being able to sleep in.
  • And took 3 phone calls before even getting out of bed.
  • Then put (sugar free) whipped cream on my late morning coffee...just because.
  • Although I'm still feeling twinges of something unfamiliar about waking up 39 instead of the comfy 38 to which I was accustomed, as Rhiannon pointed out on the phone last night...at least I'm not 40! (Thanks, Rhi.)
  • It's past noon and I'm still in the cozy shirt I slept in, and the ripped, perfectly-worn jeans.
  • Streamers in the living room all weekend long...still there!
  • People are extra special nice to you on your birthday. It's a rule somewhere, and my peeps are playing along nicely.
  • The sun is shining and the sky couldn't be any more blue. (Okay, it could...but whatever.)
  • Although I'm still delusional enough to think I'll be working some today, I didn't have to be at the office today...
  • Because of the country's honoring of Dr. Martin Luther King and his work. Which reminds me that while we're still not "there," our society is further along in acknowledging our civil rights milestones and today gives us an opportunity to reflect.
  • Choices. It's hokey and perhaps overused, but there's a reason and today I'm focusing on that. I have the choice to wake up and say "It is a good day" and I know that even tomorrow when the alarm clock goes off before I might like and I leave the house before the sun comes up and it's cold in my car and I'm driving further to the office than I'd like to be and likely somebody there will do something annoying or nonsensical...I'll still have the coice to make "today" a good day, then, too.
  • I heard from a friend through Facebook last night with whom I'd lost touch. Kinda' starting to like this whole Facebook business.
  • Cake!!!
Wishing you a good NON Blue Monday...