Better than a Ganache cake, even?

let-them-eat-cake.jpgMale housemate wants to make a cake for my upcoming birthday. Female housemate feels some explanation is in order. And so the conversation this morning went something like this:

Her: Have you ever had one of his cakes before?
Me: No. But I'm looking forward to it.
Her: You should know, perhaps, a little about this cake.
Him: Are you casting dispersions on my cake?
Her: No!!! Not at all. It's just that she needs to know... (turns to me,) you need to know...
Me: Yes?
Her: It's not going to be a Ganache cake. (Offering a familiar bow to one of the finest cakes in town.)
Me: But isn't a cake someone's made for you themselves even better than Ganache?
Her: Well yes! But differently better.
Him: (Much laughter.)
Her: (Changing her voice to mimic that of an enthusiastic, naughty child's.) His cakes are like the kids in the backyard. "He he. We should make a cake." "Oh yes. Mom's not home." "Ah. Cake. Yes, we'll make cake!" "She'll never know."
Me: That was a little bit of a dispersion.
Him: Yea, I think so too.
All: Laughter and more drinks from our coffee mugs, all of us - I'm confident - now looking forward to that cake.

I know I am...