Little snow, lotta creative productivity?

105053-1274238-thumbnail.jpgThe first winter I lived in Greensboro, we had serious snow. With then-roomie Molly, I walked to the corner movie rental shop, giggling, then we had ourselves a party with a few friends on the living room floor with the door open, storm door showing us the picturesque scene that shut down the town. I recall this snow-flanked, lounging party lasted into the weekend.

These days? Not so much. I miss serious, honkin' snow days. (Because, apparently, I'm still an 8 year old.) Not lots of 'em - but wouldn't it be nice to have an occasional big, beautiful snow?

105053-1274242-thumbnail.jpgSo before the nasty, wet stuff started falling from the sky, we got a light blanket of white and the school where I would otherwise be working is closed today. And that's that.

Works out nicely for me, since I came nowhere close to finishing that list from yesterday. Meanwhile I have a meeting at 4 on the other side of town. (Strategically scheduled for when I was to have left the office today, since I'd be driving right by her office. You know what they say about "best laid plans.")

Never mind. The list is already written - with yesterday's great groundwork laid - the coffee is brewed, and it may not be 6 inches of powder, but I'll take the gift of time, and see what I can get accomplished. Hope yours is a good one too!