Adderall & a List

105053-1271483-thumbnail.jpgThe best way - the only way, really - to successfully maneuver a day like today is to start with a list, and a little smidge of Adderall. This information was revealed to me while I lay snuggled in an exceptionally cozy bed on a morning the temperatures are in the twenties and I had not been forced to rise by the ringing of an alarm. It's a non-office day which means all the work that's looming will be entirely directed, managed and coordinated by my very own self. Which means I was gonna' sleep in, of course. (Southern girl guilt told me to tell you I worked until 7:30 last night and that I have a meeting scheduled at 6pm today.)

Never mind about the Sleeping In Thing. At 6:11 I woke, thinking Not the work for today but rather the work I did yesterday and will do tomorrow (unless weather closes the school, that is, as my colleagues were buzzing about before they left at 5,) and Friday...and next week. I was figuring out a design challenge on two projects and juggling the likelihood that x hours are gonna' be enough to fit in the 47 projects slated for completion within that number of hours.

Then I realized I can't bill the school for time spent trying to fall back to sleep while working out my tasks for my next workday, and coaxed my attention in the direction of those projects I'm anticipating today, instead.

Which is how it came to be that I was on the floor at 7 doing Not Quite Yoga But My Body Really Craved And Now Appreciates These Stretches Anyway, considering whether or not it's going to be feasible to actually manage today, after all.

It gives me a childish delight to make to-do lists on pretty little squares of paper and today I especially enjoyed selecting the piece. Colorful stripes seemed in order. As did a glorious mug I wish I'd made but didn't, that belongs to my housemate and which I'm not altogether certain I should be drinking from, but it's so inspiring, somehow, to drink out of beautiful, handcrafted, pottery mugs and all mine are in storage, so I returned the mass produced one to the cabinet to assist in the accomplishment of my day. A day which, if you turned over that pretty slip of paper to see the 17 items written there so far, you'd agree is going to take me about 32 hours to complete.

Which is why I also decided that today would be An Adderall Day. Side-effects be damned: I got stuff to do!