Unwanted facial hair: an opportunity?

They're lying, of course. These friends who pretend to be surprised if the topic of facial hair comes up in conversation. "You struggle with that?" says the friend I've known for more than 5 years, and I think, "Uh, how long has it been since you had your vision checked?" but I don't say it because I prefer to believe her instead, if only for the minute.

The bane of my existence never was blessed with the exotic twist like, "Well my family is from a small island in the Mediterranean." Nevertheless, yes, my gene pool is blessed with unwanted facial hair. 

One of the 478+ topics I've avoided in my blog for these past few years, now an idea has started to form. Having discovered that web searches send surfers to my site if they type in such interesting strings as this or that... or that or even this, I started wondering about the benefits of blogging about this private topic, too?

Here, specifically, is what I'm wondering:

If I wrote about the massive annoyance that is the presence of unwanted facial and body hair in the life of a still sorta' young, not completely unattractive single woman, and I got some quality attention from the search engines, and a Greensboro or otherwise local laser hair removal provider with a stellar reputation, seeking to find ways of better advertising their services found their way to my site and was intrigued, could this be the answer I'm looking for? Think about it! Businesses want all the inbound links to their websites that they can find. Inbound links are generated in a number of ways. Blogging is one of those ways.

Wouldn't it be cool to find the perfect match? The company who thought it'd be super if I told my story - I'm told a very common one, though I generally imagine otherwise - and I blogged about the process from beginning to end, and they, in turn, offered me free laser hair removal in exchange for the publicity my site could generate...? Yea, it could be a very, very good thing.

So now we have a new topic, babies. In addition to the general plethora of random topics that pepper my site, you now get to read about Melody's annoyance with tweezing and waxing and all the generally unpleasant hair-removal tricks we avoid discussing in polite company. On her blog. In public. Where other people will be reading it too.

Oh yea, it's gonna' be an interesting year. (And if I'm lucky, maybe hair-free, too!)