My new reading list - online!

reads08.jpgAre you one of those people who keeps a list of the books you read? Can you imagine being able to look back at a list and have every single book you ever read on it? I can't, but it'd be fun...I wish I'd started one of those when I was a kid and reading so prolifically. Nowadays, I'm doing well if I read an entire book in a month. Too many blogs...too much clay...too many other things capturing my attention.

Today I decided that while it's still the early part of a fresh, new year, I'll start a list for 2008. It won't be nearly as impressive as the list I might have now if I'd started when I was really reading. But still, it's a start.

After this blog post, you'll be able to check the list anytime you're curious - I'll have a link in my navigation bar, over there on the left side of this site. If I don't totally reorganize my site the way I sometimes do, you'll find the link under "for fun." Notice how I had to pad it a bit? Started with those ones I read the last week of '07. Never mind. It's my list...I can start whenever I want, right?