Sitting in my living room, just taunting me

gazelle.jpg It's standing in the middle of the room, this contraption, and it's taunting me. Some days I use the Gazelle, which I borrowed from my sister's garage - nobody'll miss it - a month ago, and I quite enjoy myself. Sometimes I've used it for more than a half hour before it actually occurred to my brain that I was exercising. Like when I was talking on the phone to Rhi that night. Or when I was watching some random television show that riveted me so much. Can't remember which one, now, so it can't have been that good.

But this morning the thing is taunting me and of course I'm going to win, since you can't let inanimate objects master your iron will. But I'm not there yet. Of course it's probably best not to make coffee first, 'cause then I'd just get all cozy drinking my happy coffee. Although that's what I keep thinking to do. But I've got to be just a little more awake, nonetheless. I think I also pulled a tiny little muscle in my thigh yesterday doing some other form of exercise that was supposed to be gentle. Never mind...I have to at least try.

Truly, though, it's a fun little toy. Most days. You can read a review here.  I don't think you can get this particular type anymore, though. (Sis got this one several years ago.) Apparently Tony Little - he of the frightening infomercials and this website (be warned - a scary bobblehead doll will yell at you if you click on that link, I'm not even kidding) - likes to work on making his products better and so he's selling different versions than this one now. But he's onto something for those days when you want some cardio in the comfort of your own home rather than the glorious fresh air outside (when the temperatures aren't pleasing, as they have decidedly not been pleasing in my world these past weeks.)

And that's where we are this morning. Grouchy. Well-rested, but grouchy. And using you, my faithful blog readers to perhaps motivate myself. (Although since I've already admitted to being grouchy, let's quick talk about one more thing, too. I've noticed with mild curiosity that nobody's commenting these days. I mean, days and days and days without a single whassup?! Until several weeks back your comments were steady and delightful most days, but now nobody's got much to say here lately, and yes, I'm trying to make my posts interesting, and sure I know you're busy and you have lives and I should be happy just to see that you're coming here to read at all - and I am, really I am - but could say hi every now and then, 'cause it really is fun to hear from readers! Okay, that's all I'm sayin' about that.) It hasn't worked yet, this rant to you, hoping it'll motivate me to go over there and exercise, but it's only 8:09, and surely I'll wake up soon. Won't I?

Better find some good music...that's really what motivates me.

Happy Saturday! Happy Non-Grouchy Saturday...