Bookmark insanity: even can't save me

A few months ago, I decided to sign up with It's "The online social bookmarking site that keeps all your bookmarks in one place." Which I find exceedingly handy as I am generally not all in one place. It's great to be able to access your bookmarks from a coffee shop meeting with a client. Or from the office. Or from your sister's house when you absolutely have to show her something right this minute you know you must have bookmarked Because It Was So Incredibly Important You Would Have Wanted To Remember It Later.

It's that last part I'm mostly worried about. The part about how I find things important and want to remember them later. Just like you, though, right? 'Cause that's why we have bookmarks! So what's the problem?

The problem is, I have, at this moment, 1681 bookmarks in my account. And it's begun to occur to me that this isn't necessarily healthy. doesn't care how many bookmarks I have. Nor does it care how many different tags I have for managing those bookmarks. This little tidbit occurred to me this morning when I was looking for something in my account and was scrolling through a list of my tags. Which some people manage tidily with words like:

  • blogs
  • health
  • money
  • sim
  • shopping

As do I. But apparently I've found it important to add little tricks to my tag lists, to make sure I'll reeeeeeally remember them later. Example? I just came across the following highly useful tags. Which you can thank me for later, because I know you're going to want to steal them for categorizing your own bookmarks:

  • HorriblyCrassButOntoSomething - Because maybe my parents are going to be looking at my bookmarks one day? And I need them to know that I recognize this person's language is over the top and highly inappropriate, even offensive, but there was something worthy and valuable about the site which made me want to ever in a million years consider returning there?
  • IfYouInsist - I still can't bear to look at this one to see what in the world I was thinking when I set up that category.
  • InterestingRandomStuff - Because "Interesting" or "Random" or "Stuff" would have been too boring and later when I returned, I would have looked right past it. Right?
  • JustArticlesAbout - Um...Just Articles About What, exactly, Miss Melody???
  • LinkFarmMaybeButLookAtItAnyway - No doubt from some project for which I was quickly gathering a lot of resources and wanted to make sure I remembered this site as a resource but wanted to make sure I knew it wasn't really that great (and therefore didn't judge myself later on for being so computer illiterate as to possibly have bookmarked a page of this caliber?)
  • OnlineResourcesForReference - Again...because "reference" or "resources" is just dull. And "online" because yea, I keep some of my computer bookmarks in the bottom drawer in the kitchen and wanted to make sure I realized these? They were online.
  • Novelties,misc,asseenontv - Because me? I need more stuff and might want to remember to later get me some miscellaneous novelties somebody made an infomercial about.

Sometimes my brain hurts.

Of course is actually helping me. Most of my bookmarks were imported from The Old Way, in which you had to manage your folders on your own computer very meticulously, and only one at a time. The way I do it now, if I see a weird tag and it leads to a site that really is important enough to remember (instead of deleting immediately, which I occasionally block out 15 minutes to do until I have to stop before something in my face starts twitching,) there's a place where I can go to change the name of some of my bizarro tags so they're grouped accordingly with More Normal Sounding Tags. Like Bob.

If you're not convinced yet that this is the bookmarking site for you, let me leave you with a few Highly Exciting Pages I've Found By Looking At Things Other People Have Bookmarked:

  • Updated list of places to watch TV for free online - For when your two favorite shows are on at the same time and you aren't willing to fork over the cash for TiVo.
  • 15 Things You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Career - I'm wondering if it will help a career you totally made up? Which is why I'm going to look at this one right after I finish this very important blog post. Or maybe bookmark it for later 'cause this has taken longer than I expected. ( won't help you with your time management skills, nor will it help you to remember to take your Adderall. Really. Read the fine print and I'm sure it says so.)
  • 10 Benefits of Power Napping, and How to Do it - I really have nothing to say about this one. Only that by the time you're comfy enough getting your advice from The Internet, you probably already know how to take a power nap. But maybe not! So I'll add this to my list just for you.

Okay, I'm going to stop now. If I don't consciously pull myself away from anything related to my account, I could find myself still sitting here in 3 hours, easily. And It won't make your To-Do List for you either... or check anything off!