Well, sure he's hard to resist, but really!

So sis tells me on the phone this morning about dinner out last night. First, Mr. Pie is a bit cranky when they arrive at his favorite Greek restaurant, 'cause he's fallen asleep on the way there. Soon, though, he comes around and his charisma returns. And, as usual, he draws a little fan base.

Before their meal is complete the child is approached by two different women...other patrons of the restaurant. One, an exceedingly elegant, elderly lady, comes over and says, "You have such a beautiful, beautiful baby!" Then, as is appropriate, she goes about her business and leaves the baby alone. But the other? The other is so enthralled with his royal baby highness that she's tickling and kissing and blowing on his neck. To which sis wants to respond - but refrains, "Do you mind not manhandling my baby? I mean, I know he's irresistible, but really... I don't know where your mouth has been!!!"

What is is with adult-type-people who don't get the importance of boundaries?