Two in a row? Nah...

It would seem I'm on a roll in a rut with my complaining rants. (Evidence here.) Don't let me stop now. No, really. I've just gotta' quick get it out of my system. Bear with me. It won't take but a minute. Then I'll move on to the good stuff:

  • The alarm went off at 5:01am. You know how some mornings the alarm goes off and although it's early, you think, "Hmm! I guess I'd better just get on up, then!" This was not that morning. Lotta' snoozing goin' on around here.
  • The good thing about that early alarm is that it allowed me to change the temperature in the condo. I set it wrong last night and woke up all hot and icky.
  • The alarm also pulled me out of that dream in which I was caught. It was so bad that fortunately I've put it out of my mind and can't now recall who they were and why they were after me and what I was worried they were gonna' do. But it left a bit of a pall.

But check it out - here's how I know today's going to be so much better than yesterday:

  • Today I have the satisfaction of having made it through yesterday.
  • It's Friday.
  • I bought half & half for my coffee yesterday. The coffee I'm drinking this very minute.
  • And I have new pants. Which I'm wearing to work today. (Don't you love new clothes?)
  • Never mind it's promising to be a 13+ hour workday. Lots of the anticipated details suggest it's going to be an interesting day. Even fun, maybe. Hopefully.
  • I was told last night, for example, that I may be driving to the airport to pick up the keynote speaker for the event that has me working 13+ hours today. That hasn't yet been 100% confirmed - the word "may" was used in the email - but it was coming from the dude who's event it is, so there's a pretty good chance I might be actually doing this errand. I mean, seeing as how he's in charge, and all.
  • But first I'll be picking up 6 dozen donuts.
  • Won't it be cool if I find my way from the donut place in the town next to the one where I live, then to the airport, then back to the campus without getting turned around completely lost?
  • Wouldn't it be even cooler if I am able to also carry on a coherent conversation with this person while I deftly maneuver the vehicle through traffic?
  • I digress. There's a whole lot more on my schedule today than merely shuttling scientists around, including more opportunities to work with the very much cool program InDesign, my newfound Favorite Thing To Do With A Computer. I've been designing rather a lot of things using this program, as of late. It rocks.
  • Although I can't say I got everything on my list accomplished from yesterday, I have the satisfaction of knowing that not even you could have done everything on my list yesterday, either. Plus I sure did get a lot of it done.

And that is my list of reasons I know today is going to be better than yesterday. By Melody Watson. Ta da!

Hope your Friday is also grand!