Great Mom Quote:

Further along in The Day That Is Already More Full Than Most, I had to pause and post this. Seeing as how I'm grasping at every tiny thing that makes me smile. a) This did make me smile, and b) sharing it on my blog will also make me smile. Two for one = good stuff.

Mom just called to tell me she found a photo of my Dad, this morning, from when he was a baby and scanned it and emailed it so I can see exactly how much like my dad Mr. Pie looks (I'll show you later, no time now.) Prior to her call, I was hectically moving from box to box, from list to list, from room to get the gist. And the music that was helping me move so quickly was very, very loud.

I answer the phone, Mom says, "Go check your email," barely pausing for my "hello," and after I say I will, we're quiet for a second. Then she hears it. ("It" is CCR, singing Born on the Bayou, live, brought to me automatically via Pandora, in an unpredictable shuffle of tunes.) And I, rushing to mute the music as a courtesy to anybody but myself who will, no doubt, not enjoy it as much as I do in these odd moments of my Very Odd Morning, hear my mom say, "Who's that screaming???"

I actually believe she had serious concerns for a moment...