Trucks are just so handy

Yesterday when I'd successfully packed, taped shut, and labeled something like 6 large boxes, and emptied an entire 5 foot tall bookcase, and gathered several other largeish items I won't need this next week, I experienced a remarkable wave of satisfaction. Looking out the window at where my car is parked, I saw the pickup truck parked behind it, and knew that truck was there for the duration - strictly for my convenience.

Once I'd loaded everything up, driven to my storage unit, unloaded and placed all those items in their new home, I was again thrilled by the sheer handiness of this vehicle.

Now, this morning, another wave of gratitude toward trucks has appeared before me. As we work out the logistics of next weekend's activities, Friend Who Is Also My Temporary Weekend Roomie and I have hit upon a plan. Since she's been living in a town fairly close to my parents, and will be driving a truck full of stuff there and back next weekend, we've just worked out a solution to the logistical challenge that emerged from my dad's request that somebody please come get this motorcycle 'cause he's not interested in storing it anymore. And yes, I know it's nearly 3 months after his request was first issued, but in this case of planning, the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. So while I know he would have liked to have had me move that motorcycle in July when he first mentioned it, I suspect he at least understands the reasons for my delay, too.

Be that as it may, next weekend, my motorcycle - in Only God Knows How Many Parts It Exists - will be coming to me on the back of a truck that would otherwise have been empty. By which time I will have no doubt taken more loads of My Stuff to storage on the back of the other truck that so satisfactorily assisted me last night. And I am thinking once more, "How very handy!"

Maybe my next car should be a truck.