Moving differently this time...

105053-1047313-thumbnail.jpgRemember a couple of years ago when I planned that big move from the house I'd lived in for 2 whole years and spent weeks and weeks blogging the whole excruciating process over here and in the pages before and after that one? (I wasn't blogging back when I'd moved there from the apartment I called my home for 7 years; I can't even imagine!) All while making color-coded labels, packing Everything I Own so that most of it could go into storage while I:

  • figured out how much traveling I was gonna' do,
  • wondered if I even wanted to stay in NC,
  • and moved into a friend's extra bedroom while I worked out the details?

And how, since then I:

  • only traveled a little bit,
  • fell in love with Mr. Pie, a Presence I Couldn't Have Even Imagined Back Then, rendering me incapable of imagining life anywhere else at this point,
  • spent quite a long time in a comfortable rhythm, living at my friend's home,
  • then moved away from there, but still not to a place permanent enough to get all my stuff out of storage?

105053-1047316-thumbnail.jpgWell, now I'm moving again. This time is not like that time. Although I know where my labels are, even now, in storage, and could probably go get 'em, I'm packing differently for other reasons, too. The plan is to house-sit for another friend for a little while, then rent a room from other friends for up to 2 months while I Locate The Next Place I Want To Call My Actual Home And Move All My Stuff Into It. Which means my stuff has to be highly accessible in storage, especially my clothes and jewelry design supplies, and desktop computer (and how long will the weather remain reasonable so I can comfortably even put a computer tower in there for at least a week or two?) and since I'm vacating my current home a week from tomorrow, labeling in this manner is not even practical, y'know?

There was a serious breakdown in my organizational system in storage over these past couple of years. Which is to say there are a lot of unlabeled, un-color-coded boxes in there that hold God Knows What. But when the time comes for me to get it all back out, (which 105053-1047319-thumbnail.jpgwill come way sooner than I can imagine today, no doubt,) you know I'm gonna' be grateful for all that Seriously Type-A Planning I Did Back Then. Even if everything in storage isn't this well packed and labeled, a whole awful lot of it is, and I am starting to imagine the joyous reunion that I will be having with All My Stuff...

But first, maybe it's best to get through this week and make sure I find at least a semi-efficient way to pack and label this round of boxes, so I can make it through the coming weeks without losing Something Seriously Important.

Moving is a process during which the polarities that dwell inside my brain collide. The ADD brain is at times so chaotic and driven by such haphazard, devil-may-care attitudes, while other times I so crave order that I go overboard to structure my surroundings so as to find some balance. It confuses my friends when they don't know" which tendency is driving today," but it's all I know. Not to mention, most days I don't know which tendencies are gonna be driving, either! Today it's all up for grabs. Better decide soon...that's a lot of empty boxes in there calling out for stuff!

Hope your weekend offers just the balance of order and chaos you desire!