While talking on the phone with my mother...

So I'm talking on the phone with my mom (like now...while I'm writing this...this very minute,) and she's attempting to set up an account with flickr.com. For photosharing. She's doing this because of the first part of our conversation, which went something like this:

Mom: I organized some of my photos from our trip last weekend. It was fun.
Me: Yea? Did you get any good ones?
Mom:  I did! How many can I send you on email?
Me: How ever many you want to.
Mom: Really? I won't fill up your box like I did last time?
Me: No. Because I called and asked them to give me a different plan with a whole lot more space. Because everybody insisted on sending so many huge ones and I never had enough space.
Mom: Great! I'll send you some!
Me: Uh, Mom?  How many photos do you have?
Mom: (laughing) About 500!
Me: Mom. Don't send me 500 pictures. And guess what?
Mom: What?
Me: I still don't know why you didn't set up an online account for storing your photos like I told you about that time.
Mom: I know. You know. I get busy.
Me: You're eating crackers, talking on the phone to me. You don't sound that busy!
Mom: I know. Hey, why don't I do it now? While I talk to you?
Me: Um, that'd be fun...

And now my mom is walking me through the process of what it's like to be inside her head, setting up her first online account for photo storage. Kind of a play-by-play, if you will. But she isn't reading the directions, or anything predictable like that. That would make a whole lot too much sense.

I am so my mother's daughter. Only me? I would probably do this in private when nobody was listening. 'Cause you never know when the other person on the other end of the phone is going to start blogging the whole thing. Good thing I don't have the patience to write out everything she's said since she figured out what she wanted her login to be. And wrote it down so she wouldn't forget it...

Love you, Mom!!!

(PS: Yes, I told my mother I was probably going to blog this conversation. She was warned. So ya know.) 

Oh. A little parting gift. Here's what my mom just said to me, "I guess you just have to learn, don't ya?" And she's right...she's going to click on everything she sees until she figures it out on her own. I have no doubt the woman who brought me into this world is not going to sit and read any silly old instructions. Not a chance...