Just Another Tuesday in Creative Paradise

In spite of the useful working surfaces available to me, I continue to camp out here on the sofa as I push on through the simultaneous deadlines I've accepted in order to make my life that much more interesting. Around me are the necessities for keeping me in my seat: an open Composition notebook for recording the time spent on this glorious website redesign project that's captured my attention today, a bottle of Adderall (which I brought in here with me to ensure I didn't forget the second dosage, and which almost still got neglected when I didn't look up from my laptop for over an hour,) a stack of books and papers needed for that book layout project, another honkin' stadium cup of water, half-empty - again - (Adderall makes me really, reeeeeally thirsty,) and my mobile phone. Oh, and wrist guard brace thingies for occasions like now, when I do these marathon work sessions without moving from my seat. And a notecard I almost lost on which is written the password for a different web client's access to her hosting provider's service.

My contact today with the outside world has come via emails:

  • A funny one that made me laugh pretty hard - as was its intention.
  • A couple from a friend who really needs a hug but to whom I've had to send the occasional encouraging email and hope that's enough for now.
  • Another from a different friend seeking input help for a balanced reply to one of those incendiary emails people sometimes send Everyone They Ever Met encouraging you to do the same, in which blatant untruths and misconstruing of vague societal assertions are included and occasionally highlighted with large, bold, red font. Because unpleasant visual exaggeration of the message is somehow going to make it somehow more believable?
  • A note from a client whose recent website update wasn't exactly what she was looking for. Note to self: Get better about asking very direct, clarifying questions. It'll save us all time in the end. But she's lovely and it won't be hard to fix, I just hadn't anticipated looking at that again today.
  • A lovely note expressing interest in my website development skills. And, as is very common, the person seems interested in getting started right away.
  • A reminder from my Senior HIGH SCHOOL Class President reminding us (including me, the president of Procrastinators R Us,) that the deadline for getting our registration and $$ in for the upcoming 20 Year High School Reunion is looming.
  • And some other nice, friendly ones but I just got bored reading over this list, and suspect you did, too.

The sunlight is starting to fade which reminds me of how much I've intended to accomplish before I go to sleep tonight. Having come to a stopping point on the website that's filled my day:

  • Another hour or two of work on the book project. I think I'm very close to being able to deliver a draft to my client. Need to add 2-3 more illustrations, lay out the title page, and make sure I have the cover art in place for both front and back, and I'm golden. Sort of. (There's always work you didn't expect, to follow...but I've got my eyes open so I won't be taken off guard, even though I don't know exactly what form that next round of work will take,)
  • Revising the aforementioned unexpected website details.
  • A load of laundry, which I'd meant to put in by now but completely forgot.
  • Dishes, which I haven't washed since yesterday. (Ew, I know...but one person doesn't really use a lot of dishes when she eats a fairly high number of granola bars,)
  • And vacuuming,
  • And locating something to wear to the office tomorrow afternoon so I can make sure it's ironed in advance,
  • Organizing my beads and jewelry making supplies for the Seniors Beading Class I'm teaching tomorrow morning. Haven't seen them in a month and haven't, therefore, looked through my suitcase of beads lately to make sure I have everything I'll need.
  • Okay, I just have to stop now. I'm freaking myself out a little. Fortunately I don't have anywhere to be tonight and although I've run of milk for my coffee, I think I can make it one more morning without. Eek...I really, really don't like it black, but that beats making myself presentable for the outside world...