Men and useful shopping advice

A little while ago while driving home, it occurred to me that I hate everything in my closet. This isn't a completely unfamiliar sensation, but mostly I ignore it these days. Haven't been spending a lot of money on clothes. But TJ Maxx and Ross? They'll hook you up for a fine price, if you have the patience. So I took the little detour, picked out 6 or 8 pieces, rejected them all, reconsidered one, and was walking through the store thinking, "I can always return it if it doesn't go with those pants."

Just then I spotted my brother-in-law walking through the men's department. Funny surprise; I'd only seen him earlier and neither one of us had said anything to each other about how we both desperately needed new clothes...this very day. Which, of course, we wouldn't share with each other. So I walked over so I could get a kiss from my nephew, whom he was pushing in his stroller. The nephew who insisted, quite emphatically, he would be picked up this very minute by his auntie. This very second, actually. Or else. (He shared this without the use of any actual words. But we understand each other pretty well.)

So I'm taking the baby out of the stroller at the same time I'm asking the man who married my sister, "What do you think about this top? I mean, if you were still single and noticed things like that...if you were having dinner with a woman and she was wearing it, would you find it quite pretty...or perhaps totally offensive?" (It's got a fairly bold look to it, this top.) He got that very specific look on his face that said something akin to, "How is it this is my life? Now I'm having to give her sister shopping advice, too???"

But what he actually said was this: "Um. You'd better not take my advice. Your sister sometimes brings home things I don't understand, either." And smiled. He hated it.

I bought the top anyway.