But a 6 hour link from the Wall Street Journal is still a link from the Wall Street Journal, correct?

Okay, to those of you who frequently get mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, congratulations. That must feel really very excellent. Perhaps it's old news to you. Don't roll your eyes at me, though, because that'd be rude. And besides that, it's still a very big deal to me. Even if it was practically an accident.

105053-961430-thumbnail.jpgAren't you very excited that I'm going to tell you all about it right here? In my blog? Where you can even see the screenshot to back me up in my claims? Seeing as how it was a very big, honkin' deal to me. That I was linked to by the Wall Street Journal Online. On July 12, 2007. Because of something I wrote. In my blog.

Walk with me, if you will, down my little daisy-lined lane of memorable pride. I had posted that piece about how my Dad is ready to stop storing my motorcycle and could I please, oh please, be so kind as to make arrangements to come get it since he's all finished with his Grown Kids' Motorcycle Storage Services thank you very much. (Okay, Dad, I know...you still have it. But I haven't forgotten. Mostly. And there has been rather a lot going on around here, which I know is a shoddy excuse, but it's all I've got, and very soon I'm absolutely going to make arrangements to get that motorcycle out of your hair, really and truly.) Not too long afterward, I found myself peeking around in my Squarespace referrer stats, 'cause sometimes I'm a geek that way and I like to occasionally know how people found 105053-961428-thumbnail.jpgmy website, and noticed something unusual. Unusual in that it included "wsj" and I'd never seen that before IN MY OWN PERSONAL WEBSITE REFERRER STATISTICS. Doesn't "wsj" stand for something? Couldn't it mean Wall Street Journal? Why yes, I believe it does!

So I clicked the link in my stats.  And I ended up at this informative article originally posted in November, Collecting: Rare Bikes, about the rising interest collectors have in buying old motorcycles at auction, often because of the association said bikes have with famed ones such as Steve McQueen. My own post was nothing like this whatsoever. The bike about which I wrote so enthusiastically is certainly old, but not old in that sense. And I'm fairly certain nobody famous ever rode105053-961429-thumbnail.jpg it before it came to be mine. But I used the word "motorcycle," they used the word "motorcycle," so when it came time for The Magical Link Rendering Internet Tool About Which I Don't Even Know Enough To Cleverly Make Up A Name For It Here to generate a link to "Related Articles and Blogs," which is an actual and consistent part of the WSJ page, my own site was picked up. For something like 6 or 8 hours. And I found out about it because people clicked on the link and came to my site!

Tra la la!

Since the link was eventually replaced by something else, you can click here to see the whole page with my link in it. Which I captured because I like to do things like that to make myself feel better that sometimes my life is a bit dull it seemed like the kind of thing I might like to hang onto, even if it just sat in a computer file and I never even looked at it again. It's a little blurry because I was in a hurry and that day working at a computer that didn't have any quality graphics altering programs installed and so I just pasted the screenshot into a MS Word document which was later converted to a WordPerfect document and after thinking I'd lost it, I eventually found it and have placed it here to impress you for my personal entertainment.

PS: No, 7 whole strangers did not find that obscure link and click over to my site. Most of those links, in fact, were clicked on by indulgent friends, to whom I sent the URL, with the declaration that went something along the lines of, "Jeepers, Ya'll! There's a link to my website on the Wall Street Journal Online!" And those friends clicked the link, to see what it was I was ranting about this time, thereby increasing the number of hits registered in my stats from that page.  In case anybody was curious.