"... you sitting right there with him in my head."

This title was taken from an email sent to me earlier by a friend. More specifically, (and more interestingly, due to the usefulness of context,) she wrote:

Could Paul Davidson be your husband if John and Matthew continue to drag their feet?  There’s something about his writing that has you sitting right there with him in my head.  His mood is not what I’d pick for you though…

"John" is John Cusack, whom I've stated for years is supposed to one day be my husband. Refusing, as I do, to take into consideration that I've never actually met John Cusack, nor do I ever expect to. Refusing, likewise, to take into consideration that while I don't doubt for one second that this man is every bit as lovely (and suited to matrimonial harmony with moi) as many of his characters lead me to believe he is, they are after all, made up characters...roles, if you will, that he plays. As a career. Which begs the question: who in my life really knows if John Cusack has any remote resemblance to any one of these compelling characters?

These are important distinctions to make when choosing a life partner, don't you think?

"Matthew" is Matthew McConaughey. Because, well, you've seen the man, right? There's really nothing more to say. Except, to be perfectly truthful, who wants to be with anyone that untouchably delicious? I mean, there's something not quite real about the way this person looks and although I'd quite not hang up the phone if he ever called, on the other hand, wouldn't it just be disconcerting to be around someone who looks like that, all the time? I have enough distractions in my life without having to worry about the constant feeling of genetic inferiority that proximity to such a specimen would engender in me and frankly I'm on a quest to continually beef up my self-esteem, not char it beyond recognition. And, as all our mamas told us: looks aren't everything. In fact, I rather enjoy being with someone more "nice to look at, but in an ordinary, normal person sort of way." Like regular people.

Back to the point of friend's email.

Which is, I believe, that Paul Davidson is an incredibly compelling writer I should check out. Although I've often forgotten to return to his blog, Words For My Enjoyment as my friend does, I'm going to make a point of putting him in my more frequent rotation since, having done so for far too long today led me to many laughs. It also led me to feel more than a little honored (and a lot perplexed,) that my friend links our writing styles in any way. I aspire to such, however, which she no doubt knows, and I'll take it for what it is. Happily so.

The highlight of all this, (clicking through a seemingly infinite database of Matthew M's photos notwithstanding,) was, I believe, reading this recent post in which Paul Davidson ponders whether or not if Life is a Highway, as the song says, he'd really want to be riding it all night long. A question I have asked myself on more than one occasion and am now amused to share with you, having found someone who's been able to perfectly articulate my thoughts on said assertion, almost exactly as they came to me. Sure, it's lazy, but handy, too, no?

I don't know exactly what friend means about his mood, other than to imagine my sometimes-pollyannaesque outlook might be a little more chipper than our friend, Paul's. That's fine. Edginess has a place, so long as it doesn't get out of hand.