"Clay & Glass II" opens at Marshall Art Gallery

105053-955445-thumbnail.jpgThere were people everywhere. Several times I heard cautionary declarations: nobody wanted to knock over anything glass or clay-based. Merely watching the art-lovers move carefully among the exhibits and other guests indicated an accelerated caution, as well. Patiently they waited for others to pass, "Excuse me." "Pardon me." And all around, the guests oohed and aahed over our creations.

105053-955449-thumbnail.jpgAs expected, there were a variety of examples of what artists could do when turned loose with a bit of clay...a bit of glass. I'm talking, of course, about The Marshall Art Gallery's "Clay and Glass II" exhibit which opened on Thursday night to happy reviews at The Village at North Elm. Karen Lewit's fused glass pieces amazed. Cindy Cage's stained glass clocks delighted. The contributions of each of the other participating artists: Dawn Ashby, Molly Lithgo, Paul Nixon, and Courtney Tomchik impressed with their own distinctive elements, as well.  People, likewise, responded well to my necklaces, each with its variety of beads, each with its clay pendant focal point.

It was a very good night.

So many people I'd invited were able to stop by, occasionally surprising me so that it felt a bit like a party "just for me!" (That's the thing about an opening and also about a social event at which numbers of one's friends attend - it doesn't matter how many "strangers" surround you, the familiar friendliness makes it feel a bit like your very own hooha.) Several friends, likewise, called and emailed later to express their regrets. One was just returning from weeks on the Appalachian trail. 105053-955459-thumbnail.jpgAnother had an unexpected committee crisis to attend to. Still others couldn't fit in everything their week's calendars mandated. Beforehand I'd known of a number of prior obligations. But that's another thing about an opening: it's just a kickoff! You can still see this show at The Marshall Art Gallery where our work will be on exhibit until September 3rd. Plenty of time to stop in and enjoy the show. And without the happy hubbubb of the opening's party-energy, you'll have more room to move freely and truly enjoy the work, perhaps at a more leisurely pace and room to breathe.

I would be remiss without mentioning here how wonderful the co-owners of the gallery were. They hung a perfectly splendid show (scroll down to see a few more shots of the exhibit as it was seen on Thursday night,) and played glorious host and hostesses. Thank you, each, so much for allowing us to share in your beautiful art space. 

And for the handful of people who care, (Hi Mom! Hi Dad!) Mr. Pie was a delightful guest. His parents brought him for an appropriate 20-30 minutes...just enough time for him to charm and delight a handful of those who turned out. And to completely sweep me off my feet...once more. Not the very youngest guest there, but nearly, and he seemed to enjoy himself quite much. Good thing, 'cause I have a decided plan to ensure this young man grows up loving art. If I have anything to say about it, it will have been his first in a long line of visits to art openings in the years to come!

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