All this reconnecting 2 years, 10 years, 20 years later...

During the past month I have reconnected with a remarkable number of "old friends." Two friends from college with whom I had lost touch for just a few years. And now, a group of friends from high school. These walks down memory lane have provided endless streams of giggles, and not a few cringes peppered with pleas of "What were we thinking?"

Having met up last night with with a local friend I haven't seen in 2 and a half years, then reading fresh emails from some of the high school gang this morning, something occurred to me. In reconnecting with the two friends from college-era days, we've merely filled in the gaps that emerged between last time we talked and now. I guess because most of our memories weren't so far back, there was no need to relive them. However, with "my girls" from the class of '87, there's been some "Here's what I've been up to lately and this is how my life looks now," but there's an awful lot of sharing of our memories of the way it was back then, as well. A lot of emails start with the sentiment, "Do you remember the time...?"

I think we're all stunned that a) anybody remembers some events that long-forgotten, and b) that we could possibly be "old" enough to be planning our 20th year high school reunion.

It's fascinating to see the ways our paths have diverged, and learn of the choices everyone's made. It's also gratifying to hear the tidbits that reveal the women we've become. And how these women, while living day-to-day existences that include a varying range of similarities, have grown into adult versions of the girls we once were. Some of our tendencies have become more pronounced, others have changed altogether. But the old affinity still exists and there are threads that weave throughout our sharing that show us we have retained the essence of who we were all those years ago. There's something very comforting to me about that.