Excellent chat with The Marshall Gallery

linktoaugust07necklaces.jpgToday when I called to explain that while, yes, I have actually found the time to make the earrings I didn't have enough time to make before the show opened, I can't quite seem to find the time to get a description typed up and make it over there to drop them off. But maybe tomorrow. The best surprise of all? They still want 'em. She'd just input the information about the sale of one of these necklaces when she wondered if I was gonna' call.

I hadn't wanted to get my hopes up too high about them keeping my work after this show comes down, but I did think there'd been some mention - way back at the beginning of discussions - of them keeping some pieces even when Clay and Glass II was finished. Since I've sold successfully there before, long before I started designing jewelry, I'd felt somewhat confident that we could reopen this working relationship. But since the gallery has moved and their ownership has been completely restructured, it's good not to make any assumptions.

So I'm going to figure out a way to manage my hours at the office tomorrow, then get over there before they close, and leave them as many earrings as they want. So that even when they bring down our show to make room for what follows, my work will still be represented there. It'll be interesting to see what's sold and what they decide to keep. After all this time, I still lack the skill to anticipate what people will and will not want.

Now to remember to get the info sheet typed up tonight. I have to admit it's not my favorite part of the process. But a "problem" I'm happy to have, nonetheless.