A To Do List with leftovers that'll last for days

Deciding to start taking Meds For Calming The ADD Mind - again - is both exciting and nerve-wracking. Literally. Exciting because I can stay focused on tasks long enough to feel I've accomplished enough for a change. Nerve-wracking because if I really do take it every day, the anxiety and other icky body feelings aren't remotely pleasant. Fortunately, as I've mentioned before, it's a type of drug you can take or not take, rather than having to let it build up in your system.

It all comes down to deciding whether I'd like my body to be jittery and anxious or my mind to feel jittery and anxious. So I went and got that prescription filled after looking at it behind its magnet on the fridge - after I found it from that "safe" place it had been hiding - so I could have the option. Since I'm also working on making more and more natural choices to help my overall health, the decision felt better than any time in the past. I figure I don't have to actually commit to taking it all the time. But it's good to have the option when the day ahead looms with ferocity and demands a calm, focused mind. Since my journey to healthful living is merely that - a journey. With stops and starts along the way. And distractions along the way.

So. What does that mean for me? What it means is that now, 4 days in, I've been highly productive and gotten so much done. But that my mouth is dry and I drink water and chew gum constantly and I'm a little nervous about the possible anxiety but don't want to "go there" before I have to. Since I haven't actually felt any significant anxiety this time around. A few jitters, but nothing intolerable.

I've noticed that just because I have a little boost with my attention span, there isn't one bit of help in that little bottle addressing my lofty ideas concerning how much I can actually accomplish. I've always had this issue with thinking I could do far more than is humanly possible, on any given day. Yesterday's To Do List? Yea, it was so long it could take me the rest of the week to get everything done. Which is handy, I suppose, since this morning I was able to just start in on tasks rather than sitting down to think 'em up. For fun, I made my list on these little decorative 6 x 6 square pages they sell for scrapbookers. I bought the little tablet more than a year ago just to have for whatever I wanted, and to amuse myself, decided it would be fun to write my weekend list on a page that had daisies and stripes on the other side. The list now takes 4 of those pages, and this morning, since it's become a list for my week rather than for a single day, I anticipate needing to pull out another one or two of those pretty little squares of paper.

I got a couple of emails along the lines of: "What's going on? You didn't fill us in on your blog," and it's been a few days since I wrote a nice list, so how 'bout a recap of the more satisfying parts of my weekend? I'll just hit the biggies, though, and you can fill in the gaps with tons of "little" filler activites like working out and meals and phone calls and domestic responsibilities and email...

  • Friday morning I had an exquisite hour and a half meeting with my newest web client. We have recently reconnected after several years of no contact, and I'm so thrilled we ran into each other that day last month. More on this another time.
  • After which time I kept Mr. Pie for 2 hours. (PS: I've just put a new photo on his page, taken last Tuesday.)
  • Then went to a different client's house and worked on her website a bit, as well as some other writing projects I'm helping her with.
  • Came home and continued the work for her for a half hour.
  • Then drove 20 miles to a friend's house for some R & R. This friend is the mom of 2 girls - 5 and 10 months - and lives "in the country" so going there is usually an overnight affair we quite enjoy. We shared time with the wee ones, caught up a little on what's been happening with us since last time we hung out, marveled at how different our routines are from each other's and how that doesn't really matter since we still share as many commonalilties as differences, and all in all the night was a hoot.
  • The next morning, we had a glorious breakfast of homemade pancakes which The Princess, in all her excited 5 year old glory had been planning for me all week long, and one of mine - and all of hers - even had chocolate chips in them! And turkey bacon which was soooo yummy. And some of the best coffee I've had in a while, although sometimes coffee is just "the best coffee of ever" just because of its context and the food with which it's served. Ever notice that?
  • At about 11, recently returned home, I received a long distance phone call from someone who's still in the very early stages of planning her own website project. We'd been leaving each other messages all week, and finally our schedules aligned for a nearly 2-hour call. I quite enjoyed the talk and any reservations, whatsoever, come from wondering if I didn't just talk too much. As is sometimes my custom. She didn't seem to think so, and I hope she felt as positively about our talk as I did. Although we didn't commit to working together - it's too early for that - I think we might, and even if we don't, I hope I was able to share some really good information with her so she'll be able to make her web development decisions with more information under her belt.
  • Then I got more Mr. Pie time!!! Only about 3 hours, but these little hours together are thrilling, even in small doses.
  • That night was filled with phone calls, web surfing, (perhaps you saw some of the evidence of that here?) and a bit of TV watching.
  • Somewhere in there I also did a ton of laundry, although I can't remember what day that was.
  • Yesterday was a blur of check marks on that To Do list, although not as many as I would have preferred. The best part I can report is that I created 11 pairs of earrings, most of them along the lines of the designs seen on this page, using the beads seen on this page (and other semi-precious stones,) as well as a few that featured the pendant-style components, also on this page. I may be taking them to The Marshall Art Gallery today to add to the pieces they have in our show, unless they decide I've waited too long. Either way, I'm confident people will like these and if they don't want 'em, I'll be just that far ahead in my fall/winter schedule, which always starts to pick up around this time of year.
  • And I got a fun, albeit brief, visit with my friend/part-time, temporary roommate as she came through town.
  • A few other things I got to check off the list included moving some important files from my desktop to my laptop, which I've been putting off,
  • and making a new earring that matched the only one left in a pair in which a friend lost the other one,
  • and finding complementary beads to work into a necklace I'm repairing for a friend (she made it herself!)
  • and taking a bunch of phone calls.

Now the morning's almost over and the list is sitting here taunting me, so I'll leave you with that.

Here's to Highly Focused Productivity all around!