Maybe you wouldn't call it a hobby, exactly

Sometimes when I've been moving from event to event, or meeting to meeting, or task to task, and I'm finally back home with a long, still-unsorted, unwritten list of things looming ahead of me, but no impending deadline, I let myself ignore those things I need to be doing. I also let myself ignore the list I need to be making.

Instead I like to sit and click, one after the other, through people's online photo galleries. Like this one over at And observe their photographic skills, remark to myself on their framing choices, wonder what camera setting they used...delight in their ability to find such beauty in sometimes mundane or ordinary things, people or moments. This little non-hobby of mine reminds me of what's great about photography and how one day I might like to add such a category to my own website. But not this day.

I also rather enjoyed: