Just how much CAN one pack into a Tuesday?

105053-985234-thumbnail.jpgThere's something incredibly gratifying about looking back over a day that was more full than most. Like today, for example. How satisfied I feel now that this day is wrapping up! Not, perhaps, in the way a firefighter feels satisfied once the blaze is quenched. Or the way a wedding planner feels after the Highest Maintenance Of Ever couple is finally on that plane headed to their Santorini honemoon. But still today I filled up my time most impressively.

This morning:

  • I got up at 5:30 am,
  • Then completed a not too awfully lengthy - but fairly intense - workout.
  • Actually prepared breakfast. On a stove. Which I then ate.
  • And after completing a substantial (but too mundane to mention here) number of other tasks, still managed to pull into a really good parking space at work by 7:11 am.
  • Perhaps you're impressed? If not, you don't know how much I loathe very early mornings about my affinity for the PM rather than AM.

105053-985241-thumbnail.jpgThe next part of my day was filled with another stream of tasks you'd surely find boring so thank me now for not listing them here. (But they were awesome to see checked off my list.) Then I left work at around 4:45 after my across-campus meeting wrapped up, and:

  • Drove to Marcy's where I picked up some just-fired beads (to be used in designs like the ones from this weekend,) and glazed, teeniny pendants to be used, hopefully, in some other new earring designs I've never tried before. Although I'm pleased at the results of the little pairs, I have to tell you I'm just about giddy with the way the beads turned out. I know: they're rough and unglazed and brown, for goodness sake. Just little lumps of hardened dirt, really. But I cannot wait to use them in some new pieces. Never accuse me of being difficult to please. (Well, you might, actually. But not today. And not where high fired clay is concerned...)
  • Then I got caught in a honkin downpour during rush hour, which made me sing with glee, (the rain, not the traffic,) as I drove through the whipping winds and Turn Your Wipers To Warp Speed rain, after yet another day the thermometer had sailed on past 100 degrees...
  • while driving to Chuck E Cheese!105053-985237-thumbnail.jpg
  • Because I'd just gotten word that Mr. Pie was there and since it's within 2 miles of my home, I couldn't pass up a chance to see The Sultan of Cool. Even if only for a half hour or so. Was totally worth being surrounded by the screaming, careening masses of tiny people, to get to spend time with my favorite little guy.
  • And now I'm home and exhausted, but remarkably fulfilled by what feels like a more full day than even usual.

105053-985245-thumbnail.jpgSince I anticipate getting up just as early again tomorrow, no doubt I'll try to be in bed before 11:15 like last night. Since the second day in a row is always harder. Best to get back to the evening's list of tasks, which is pretty long too.