Ironing aversions, Counting Crows cravings & twisting copper

Except for tonight's gallery opening, in which my work is among the featured artisan pieces, this is a somewhat ordinary Thursday. Which is to say not particularly run-of-the-mill by the standards of many people I know, but remarkably unspectacular and lacking in intrigue by the standards of many, many others. Or so I suspect. Particularly in light of the fact that I am currenly engrossed in one of the best books I've ever read. Only this time I mean it. A book which speaks of days that don't feel ordinary at all.

In an Elizabeth Gilbert memoir, the New York Times Bestseller entitled Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia, I'm reading of the author's activities, experiences and thoughts that are decidedly intriguing and even spectacular in many cases. Except for the parts that chronicle depression and heartbreak, with which a number of us can also perhaps identify. But aside from those unfortunate recountings which are, nonetheless, conveyed with a remarkable show of talent at weaving words, her story magnifies the differences between an ordinary life and one that seems to me most definitely extraordinary.

I cannot seem to put this book down. I'll pick it up "for just 5 minutes" at odd times when I'm supposed to be doing something time-sensitive, and find myself still reading, 15 precious minutes later. People, it's that good. That it's been a long, loooong time since I've read anything that captivated my attention so thoroughly makes it only more delightful a find. (Thanks, Joy!)

But aside from being transported by the writing of a woman whose travels make my travel fantasies, even, pale in their shadow, I've had rather a full week and today's another example of such packed activities.

Having failed to make time for the rare and overdue task of coloring my gray, (and, sadly, the rest of my hair, too, which is now a shade and a half beyond a color that looks natural to my surprised eyes each time I pass a mirror,) I got up at 6 this morning to do just that before going into the office. Where I enjoyed my work for not quite 4 hours before returning home to attend to some important other tasks. Like making an overdue web-related phone call and fitting in a half hour of reading said book, followed by another half hour nap. That's the second midday nap of the week which is notable inasmuch as I don't usually take midday naps. But the schedule I've been keeping lately mandated another nap, and I decided to succumb.

This nap was followed by rather a lot of semi-productive, semi-useless activity like walking from room to room, carrying one or two things that have recently been allowed to pile up in the wrong places while I turned all my attention to making more and more and, even more necklaces. And replacing other items into their respective boxes and bags and drawers. It was during this time I discovered that the top I had been planning to wear tonight might not look quite as good as the other top I'd formerly been planning to wear tonight. And that excited me more than a little, since I may not have to iron the new, old, planned top but I most definitely would have had to iron the other one. I have a remarkable aversion to irons and ironing boards. Let me rephrase that. I have an aversion to the task of ironing clothing. The accoutrements of ironing don't really bother me unless I'm expected to use them. When they annoy me to no end. And so perhaps I won't have to use them, after all.

I think it was before I actually put the color on my hair this morning that I realized I Really And Truly wanted to hear St. Robinson and His Cadillac Dream by Counting Crows, only I don't have that particular version at my fingertips. Nor could I locate any Counting Crows in the house, in spite of the fact that I am confident I own at least two of their CD's. Never mind ownership, I wasn't hearing them today, so I reverted to my oft-mentioned Pandora, and selected my Counting Crows channel. I gotta' tell you, sometimes you get what you ask for, and at other times you get rather a lot of other music that (to steal a phrase from my sister's recent guest blogger post, and, perhaps a discerning reader would rightly suspect, from my family vernacular,) "puts you in the mind of" Counting Crows. Which is fine, I guess, but I sure did want to hear that song. Which continues, even at this late hour, to elude me.

The pedicure I'd thought I'd have time to fit in will have to be foregone. I have a sneaking suspicion that people will have plenty of glorious things to look at which will keep the attention off my feet. In fact, I'm counting on it. Although I'll probably touch up the polish after I save this post that, I might point out, wasn't intended to be this long when I sat down to write it. In fact, I mostly wanted to mention a couple of things I've already mentioned, and also point out that in spite of the scads of new necklaces I've recently created, the one I have been planning to wear tonight, and which features a brand new design style for me, remains woefully incomplete. I'm remaining semi-optimistic that there's still time to finish it up, but since it requires rather a lot of twisting and wrapping of copper wire, and that can take some time, I don't know that I won't perhaps be wearing different accessories altogether. Which won't matter, of course, seeing as I have rather a lot from which to choose. But since the necklace was begun weeks ago, and may be nearly complete, I'm holding out hope.

The only other thing I wanted to mention is that Mr. Pie might just make an entrance tonight. Which some would suggest to be a bad idea, what with it being a gallery and all. With glass and clay at every turn. But when I say make an entrance, that's mostly what I'm expecting. An entrance followed, almost immediately by an exit. I hear he has a new outfit and everything, which I'm giddy to see him in, since he's usually little preppy baby in khakis and tees and polos, but rarely with seersucker overall short suits with white, buttondown shirts underneath. I'll get a photo if he does come, and if he does, indeed, sport a new adorable outfit.

And on that note, I have just over an hour to get ready. If I think I'm going to freshen up and dress and also finish making a new necklace, perhaps blogging isn't the best use of my time at this point. Maybe I'll see you tonight!