No rocks, but an awful lotta' paper & scissors

105053-978691-thumbnail.jpgRemember when your mom gave you a pair of scissors, some glue, and paper and told you to make anything you wanted? Lots of people have to reach way back in their memory banks for such recollections. I, on the other hand, like to keep the dust off those kinds of activities. Which is why, when I decided to add 20 hours a week of "regular" work to my freelancer's schedule, I ended up in a position that valued such "skills." Only this week it was 40 hours plus.

105053-978724-thumbnail.jpgI mentioned recently that we were having a big soiree at the office this week, and yesterday was the big day. To kick off the college's school year opening alongside the annual fundraising campaign - which is coordinated by my department - we throw a honkin' party. There's a simple lunch (feeding 500+ gets complicated and expensive so it has to be simple,) and a program that tries to balance the important messages of why we hope people will "give to the cause" with some levity. So there's always a theme, along with as much humor as we can work into the program. Every year at least one or two people say we've outdone ourselves. (I105053-978693-thumbnail.jpg say "we" because I've worked for this college before and although my position has changed, I've been involved to some degree or another on more than one occasion in the past. Never as much as this year, though. That being said, the credit is far from mine.)

105053-978698-thumbnail.jpgAlthough the theme was decided before I started this job, and the products were ordered soon after, it came to be that among my responsibilities was creating the table centerpieces. Which is to say I walked in one day, picked up the supplies and said, "Why don't I go get started on some centerpieces?" And my colleague / friend / Hoo Ha Planner Extraordinaire said, "Works for me!" I'd say all told I made about 85-90 of 'em. (It got a bit tricky to keep count.) So in the end, she who loves makin' stuff - whether with paper or clay or metal or beads - got to "work" on these all week long. It's certainly not all I did, but when I think back to this week, it's probably about all I'll remember of the preparations. Although I took photos of some of the setup, too, so we don't forget - and I'm posting a few of 'em here in case your week didn't have105053-978702-thumbnail.jpg enough balloons and tissue paper and, well, color in it. (And so nobody forgets the moment The Boss Of Me This Week walked into my office and saw the little cups of birdseed which had been prepared for placement inside the bags to make them stay put after we'd run out of fancy balloon weights declared, "Oh You Will Not Be Putting Those On Tables!" thinking, as she did, if only for a moment, what I was showing her were finished products. This shot is for you my darlin'.)

After the finale, which left the whole room shaking with laughter, (performances can be outrageous and this year will be talked about for a long, long time to come - all I'll say here is that multiple VP's in costume always make for a good belly laugh or two. And when the best MC I know is filmed in advance, selling off all sorts of college property, while also in costume, your guests are bound to have fun when the footage is played,) that was it. In a snap, the room was fairly well 105053-978704-thumbnail.jpgtrashed, and it was time to take all these little bags apart, and save what could be salvaged for another use. (Never mind all the other cleanup. I just decided to stick it out 'til the end with my little centerpieces.) Fortunately, there's a big Astronomy to-do not too far in the future, so we saved maybe 15 of these babies in case we want to use them for a reception that weekend. What with the handy "star" theme both events have in common.

105053-978707-thumbnail.jpgFun, fun. And exhausting, too. I've convinced myself I'm working today, and I think I will, too. But you'd better believe there was no alarm clock this morning. And I think I'll forgo the "to-do list" too. Gonna' just see what comes. A little layout work? Sure; that'll be fun! Maybe some clay? Why not? But only when I feel like it. For as long as I feel like it before moving on to whatever I choose. Today's all mine...

PS: It's gonna' be 90 degrees today. Better break out the sweaters, eh?