Happy Basil

105053-974534-thumbnail.jpgIt's unclear to me how this basil plant ever looks this happy. It's sitting on the back porch with a great deal of sun beating down on it for hours on end. On days when the temperatures reach as high as one hundred degrees or more. Which apparently it luvs. But water? Not every day. Some days I forget its very existence, what with all the other stuff I find to distract me from the care of my little old basil plant.

And on the days when I walk out the back door to check on it and I've forgotten it's even there, I'm convinced this is My Basil Plant's Last Day Of Ever. Since it sits there wilting in its little pot looking at me with its accusing little expression. "Murderer," it says to me. "How could you forget about me? I am, after all, your favorite herb. What with all I do to make your pesto a bit of perfection."

It makes a good point. 

But on this particular day, two or three days ago, I walked outside and this was the view I beheld. I'd watered it excessively the night before. How it keeps coming back from that wilted mass of droopiness is beyond me. But how glad I am. What a hearty, happy plant!