Where I'll be this week...

With a title like this, no doubt somebody's gonna' expect something exciting. Like travel photos. Which would be very much cool. Alas, this week is decidedly not going to have any travel photos attached. Rather, I'm anticipating mo'busier times than even usual, and wonder how my blogging schedule will be affected. So in case I disappear, here's some of what I'm anticipating for my week.

  • The 20 hours I usually spend at my "regular, part-time gig" will be doubled as I'll do a 5 day, 8-5 week in anticipation of a big "hoo ha" we're gearing up for on Friday.
  • Am working out the details of a website maintenance project that may become a website revision project, depending on the client's take.
  • Need to get some new clay pieces into a firing by Wednesday. Alas, those pieces haven't yet been completely created.
  • There's a friend of a friend who's interested in having me develop a website for her. We're trying to find a time to talk (long distance,) some evening this week.
  • Dinner with sis and Mr. Pie. one night.
  • Several in-process necklaces need to be completed so I can take them over to The Marshall Gallery asap.
  • And some earrings.
  • And bracelets. (Her eyes are bigger than her plate...)
  • A web client found out I've been taking these Adobe InDesign workshops and hired me to lay out a pretty big project. (For me, it's kinda' huge.) Before I even know what I'm doing. (It's good to have projects to practice on. And I'm told I can always email my instructor for help.) Client didn't care that I don't know what I'm doing. She's very confident in my abilities. Hopefully I won't prove her wrong. She wanted me to turn this job around in 72 hours. I laughed at her. Fortunately that sort of impertinent behavior isn't offensive to this particular client. (I'd just gotten finished shooting pool with her husband while she ran through a paper draft to make sure it was ready to hand over to me. Everybody was a little mellow. These are the kinds of clilents you want, folks...)
  • Somewhere in there I'll be needing to fit in a bit of domestic duties, and a couple of night's sleep...

And maybe I'll get some great inspiration and jump on here and post a blog entry or 3 along the way. Hard to tell at this point...

Cheers! Hope your week is splendid, too!