Not exactly what I'd planned

Want to know what's going on here instead of what I posted this morning I would be doing? At this very moment, instead of laying out a book with InDesign, or creating jewelry components from wet clay, or working on anybody's website, or cropping photos of my recent work so I can actually update my own long outdated jewelry photo gallery, I am...

Having a contest to see if I can eat the most ice cream sandwiches of anybody, in the history of ever. And surfing the net. And trying not to turn on the TV. And deciding not to talk on the phone anymore 'cause those two calls were enough.

Plus I need to do a pedicure. 'Cause I have kinda' pretty feet and I love to make 'em nice but right now they're feeling ignored. And I cannot run around that campus in high heels one more day, which is what happened today since I had to wear closed-toed shoes to hide my sad little toes. Not one more day.

But here I sit. It's just that this day was so inexplicably exhausting. Wah.

Better git on it, then. Since at this rate it's gonna' be bedtime very soon.