"In the scheme of things..."

105053-947858-thumbnail.jpgDo you even know the origin of that phrase? I don't, yet I've used it enough that it just rolls right off my tongue. Like most cliches. "In the scheme of things, the day turned out pretty well." "In the scheme of things, I can't complain." Let's see how many we can pack in there. In spite of The Entire Internet Sitting Right Here In My Lap, I'm not going to look up the origin of that phrase, although evidence suggests it's gonna' bug me for a while. I'll get over it.

Back to the point. Which is that in spite of the shipment of supplies that arrived much later than I'd hoped, (now I have plenty of supplies for making whatever pieces I want, which I'll probably continue to do throughout the weekend once I get caught up on all else that's been neglected,) and the embarrassing fact that I left a pretty important thing at home when I dropped off my pieces this evening (and will, therefore, be going back between the 7am meeting and office hours tomorrow,) and that I only have 105053-947863-thumbnail.jpg30 necklaces but no earrings and no bracelets for the opening (although the show is up for the month of August and so I should be able to take other pieces later,) and this whole feeling of being overwhelmed with exhaustion....well, things turned out pretty fine. Pretty fine indeed.

I love nearly every one of the necklaces I took to the gallery and that's saying a lot. This isn't always the case. My biggest complaint is that since I kept waiting for that shipment, I left some of my favorite pendants too late to work with. So people won't get to see their magnificent glory at the opening. But I've seen 'em and I guess that will have to matter enough. And hey, I can always photograph them when they're worked into a new design and post them here on my blog!

So there you have it. First picture: some of what spilled out of my goodie box today, and is still laying there, splayed across the table where I have yet to pick them up. Second picture: one of the happy necklaces I made this morning.

Now, for those of you who didn't catch that I'm expected at a 7am meeting, (and therefore, will be expected to rise somewhere alongside the sun,) I'll bid you a very fine Goodnight!