Steps & steps to go; need to build on the jewelry design momentum

105053-905247-thumbnail.jpgProcrastination is not my friend, but I'm far too familiar with the vice. It hit me this week just how little time remains between now and the opening at the Marshall Art Gallery on August 2.

While I have many, many pendants from which I could choose to design the pieces I'll be exhibiting next month - each of which are my exclusive, one-of-a-kind designs - I've challenged myself to create each of these pieces, instead, completely from scratch. I can't decide if this is indicative of a Glutton for Punishment mentality, or if it's a reasonable plan to create each new piece entirely with this show in mind. Doesn't matter. If I run out of time, I can always stop mid-process and create necklaces using some of the pendants I already have on hand.

Today I spent hours and hours "playing" in clay and all I have to show for it are the pendants seen in this photo. They're currently in what's known as the "leather hard" stage - solid and firm to the touch, with no worries that handling them will damage the designs, but still with plenty of moisture inside that needs to dry before they're ready for bisque firing. IF I bisque fire at all. I may glaze without that step, then fire a single time. The color results, though, aren't always as vivid as I like, so we'll just see how long it takes me to create the quantity of new pendants I'm imagining.

There always seems to be a compulsion to explain that the photos I've taken with my cell phone are, indeed...well, cell phone photos. And so I'll go through that here, too. Basically you only get the most basic gist of what I'm working with here. Some of them are fairly mediocre and others really please me at this phase. I'm trying a few new things and following some "tried and true" processes, as well. And in the end, what you see here will be a mere hint of what's to come. The glaze application will make or break these pieces - even a substandard piece with an uninteresting texture or plain shape can become truly magnificent with the right glaze application.

Meanwhile all the moisture in my hands has been completely obliterated. Leading me to wonder if I shouldn't lather on some vaseline before bed tonight, 'cause I have a long way to go before I'm done with these.

I'll keep ya posted!