Same as yours...different from yours - holiday fun

Before actually arriving here at the Fourth of July, there were 4 different sets of plans. Now that it's here, 3 of those sets of plans have fallen by the wayside. In spite of those significant changes, I'm quite enjoying the way this day is unfolding.

How My Independence Day is Probably Similar to Yours: 

  • I'm taking the day off from work.
  • Since yesterday, have let myself forget about such things as telephones and email.
  • Both are very big deals.

How My Independence Day is Probably Different from Yours:

  • The most riveting conversations I've had all day have been with a 16 month old.
  • These exchanges began before 7 a.m.
  • I wore comfy lounging pj's until nearly noon. Today has provided me with further evidence that I don't need to have my own children. I am nearly incapable of juggling simple tasks like showering and shaving my legs while being responsible for an exceptionally mobile small person. How do actual parents manage this stuff?
  • Discovered that coffee on the deck overlooking a gargantuan back yard is a slice of perfection...particularly while a small child roams what must feel to him like acres of land.
  • When said child finally decided his nap was in order, re-discovered the mindless joy that is surfing the net aimlessly in search of interesting websites and blogs and flickr photostreams of perfect strangers. Amused myself to no end.
  • Chose to eat frozen cheesecake for lunch. It is a holiday, after all!
And there's my cue that the nap is over. Hope your day is also grand!