Nine hours 'til drop-off. More-or-less.

105053-946488-thumbnail.jpgGood morning! What's up with you? Here, things continue to keep me on my toes. Wanna' hear?

Well, 28 minutes ago, give-or-take a few by the time I finish writing this, the beads and stones and findings and other supplies I ordered to supplement my preparations for the exhibit, were placed on the truck for delivery. In Winston-Salem. A nearby-enough town. Excellent!

I'll be dropping off my work at around 5 this afternoon. Evening. Whatever.

Before that time, I still need to:

  • make a couple more necklaces, 105053-946490-thumbnail.jpg
  • and a few bracelets, too, if time permits.
  • And revise my bio for the gallery.
  • And type a numbered list of descriptions.
  • With prices. Which I still need to determine.

The shipment will be delivered to my friend's house. 'Cause that's where I requested it be dropped off when I placed the order. So hopefully she'll be calling this morning with some good news.

Meanwhile, during a massive errand-running extravaganza (which included buying clasps for a handful of necklaces for which, well, didn't have any 'cause their clasps are in a box that started in Oregon,) those of you keeping up will be pleased to know I remembered to buy coffee.  No need to repeat that fiasco. 

I'd better git on it, then, eh?