Only for this kid

105053-943129-thumbnail.jpgAbout a month ago, Mr. Pie got his posse to take him downtown to this fun, new park we have. Called Center City Park, kids love being able to run freely in the open spaces. And better than that? There's all this water! I just found a live webcam view of the park so you can click here and see, real-time, what's going on there. Wow, actually that's kinda' nifty! Most of the action of our evening occurred in the upper right-hand corner of the frame, where that fountain is. Jets inside the nearby water-feature that curves around the big fountain created these arches through which people could run. If they liked. Since all we did was take shots of Mr. Pie, here's a cool Greensboro blog, A Little Urbanity, with some really nice photos taken within the park, for more close-up context.

105053-943131-thumbnail.jpgThe best part of our excursion was hearing this kid laugh. The scariest part of our excursion was realizing how fast he moves. (Notice the defiant stance in the shot below, as he tries to twist out of his Mom's safe grip.) I decided to run him around the fountain, through the arches. Of water. He was dying to get over there, where all the action was. It seemed harmless enough at the time. That is, until some "big kids" had the same idea, at the same time. And decided it would be fun to PUT THEIR HANDS OVER THE JETS OF WATER just when Pie and I approached those same jets of water. Are you kidding me?

Which is how it came to be that I was downtown in a respectable part of town, looking not unlike I was about to participate in a wet teeshirt contest. With a kid.

105053-943152-thumbnail.jpgI've cropped me out of one shot so you can see the glee in this baby's face as he anticipates another round. 'Cause after you're already this wet in public, why wouldn't you take him again and again, thereby making your humiliation complete? But I've regained my pride and refuse to post anything else with me in it, online. (It only got worse, after that first photo was taken.) I have to tell you, I was pretty nervous to see a professional-looking photographer lurking at the live outdoor concert a bit later, while the little dude and I danced to the tunes. Hopefully said photographer was more interested in that senior couple in the middle of the crowd, getting their groove on, and I'll never come across any shots besides those we got that night.

Fun stuff. But if you decide to go and partake of the water extravaganza, may I suggest a change of extra clothes? For you! Just in case...